ITTS provides multiple outsourcing customer services, including inbound call, outbound call, establishment of call-center system, membership center service, market survey, order management, and integrated direct marketing service (IDMS), for customers in a wide range of fields, such as government agencies, finance, telecommunications, home appliances, home-delivery logistics, information, the Internet, entertainment, consumer goods, and biotech….etc.

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56588830 gray handshake icon on white background vectorProduct/Services Unique Points

  • Provide omni-channel customer services (phone call, e-mail, fax, Web, Line, FB, WeChat, etc.).
  • Complete customer-service system equipment, with ISO 9001 certification.
  • Professional IT support, with integrated capability for the development of call-center information system.
  • Cultivation of professional customer-service workers, provision around-the-clock service 365 days a year.
  • Detailed analysis of customer reports, complete service-quality control mechanism.


01 1User 3 128Contents of Outbound- and Inbound-call Service

Outbound CallInbound call
Telephone marketing Inquiry/complaint
Cross-selling Maintenance of customer relationship
Repeat-order management Customer loyalty plan
Satisfaction survey After-sales service
Development of potential customers Membership center management


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Renowned fast-food chain stores

After outsourcing of its call center service, the chain has managed to shorten customer meal waiting time, boosting their satisfaction, cut labor cost via simplified internal flow, and effectively uphold customer relationship, boosting brand reliability.

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Renowned large-scale home-appliances firm

After outsourcing of call-center service, provide around-the-clock customer call service, including explanation of product usage, answer to customer inquiries, solution of simple product problems, and application for maintenance and repair service, significantly enhancing customer satisfaction.

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