With digitalization having become an irresistible industrial trend, how to utilize big data in business application has become a key to competitive edge. Along with the increasing popularity of smart devices, AI system, and various Industry 4.0 applications, the volume of digital data is expected to experience explosive growth, making quality demand for servers even more rigorous.


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The new fifth-generation M5 series products of Cisco features brand new systems and software, applying the strong performance of integrated computing and the advantaged of simplicity and convenient usage in the fields of data-intensive work load, edge computing, and distributed application infrastructure.


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  • Capable of bearing higher work load (two times of storage capacity).
  • Accelerate processing of data-intensive work load (86% increase in performance).
  • Speed up VDI, deep learning, and HPC application (highest GPU density in the industry).



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  • UCS B series blade server.
  • UCS C series rack server.
  • UCS S series storage server.
  • UCS system management software.
  • rack and power infrastructure.




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