Furnished with professional IT and integration for information system development capabilities, ITTS has abundant experience for implementation of call-center and customer relationship management (CRM) services, which, coupled with industrial flow, can be integrated with enterprises' original information system, helping them set up professional call center conforming to their operating flow.

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56588830 gray handshake icon on white background vectorProduct/Services Unique Points

  • Setup of call center and consulting service
  • In-house education and training
  • Formulation of measures governing customer services and standard operating flow
  • Setup of customer-service system and IT consulting service



Successful Stories

Setup of call center for a renowned car brand


In addition to the benefit of cost saving, outsourcing of call center system implementation can lead to standardization of operating flow, via integration with existing information system, and significantly boost the operation and efficiency of call center, thanks to highly responsive capability.


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