Provide service for high-efficiency massive data processing, printing, and envelope sealing to various customers, including government agencies, financial institutions, telecom carriers, and cable-TV operators for mails, bills, bank statements, premium notices, tax withholding certificates, phone bills, license-tax notices, premium notices for national health insurance, payment proofs, receipts, uniform invoices, mutual-fund account statements, stock-dividend certificates, bar-code printing, address slips, and label printing.


56588830 gray handshake icon on white background vectorServices Unique Points

Provision of single-window payment service

Produce uniform report on expenditures and costs of various units, facilitating cost sharing among them.

Provide monthly management-oriented reports to customers, with major contents including number of printouts, envelope sealing, and delivery, record of damages, reissuance, and destruction, delivery rate of materials inventory for operation, specifications of payment applications, and customer satisfaction.


Operation flow of printing and envelope sealing

Have every employee for operating flow sign confidentiality agreement to have a firm grip on every operating detail via detailed division of labor, including input of original data, file conversion, corresponding format, layout, printing, envelope sealing, and mailing, plus regular auditing and information security-related education and training, so as to avoid property loss and operation delay, due to human error or force majeure.

Stable quality, adequate backup

ITTS has obtained ISO 9001 quality certification and ISO 27001 and BS 10012 personal-information protection certification, underscoring its conformance of its data-processing operating environment to international auditing standards for financial holding companies/institutions, in terms of operating flow or consumers' personal-information safety. As a result, many banks, TV stations, cable TV operators, life insurance companies, securities companies, and government agencies have embraced the company's service.



Customized marketing, double advertisement effect

Provide customized advertisement layout to meet customers' different needs and send out customized advertisement copies along with other print materials, to raise reading rate of customers, boosting the effect of direct-marketing ad.

Operation flow of printing and envelope sealing


Comparison of self-handling and outsourcing of printing/envelope sealing operation

Defects of self-handlingAdvantages of outsourcing to ITTS
Requirement of minimum amount and need of scheduling for data print out Small-volume, large-variety data processing in a professional rapid manner
High inventory cost for materials, high equipment cost, and long payback period Pay by piecework, without need of own equipment and attrition problem
Timeliness processing according to schedule Punctual delivery on demand
High personnel training cost Dedicated workers for the service


Unique points of printing operation

    • Employment of Océ Printer and RICOH PRO 88205, capable of printing OMR or BAR CODE in various specifications.
    • Océ 3200 true-color printer*1 with resolution of 600dpi*720dpi, speed of 21,000 pages/hour, maximum printout width of 17 inches, juxtaposed printing, double-side printing, with 24/7 dedicated engineers on call for equipment maintenance and repair and a contract promising restoration of the operation of printer in malfunction within four hours.
    • Océ 700 laser printer*2 with resolution of 600dpi /600dpi, speed of 30,000 pages/hour, and maximum printout width of 17 inches.
    • Via use of Ethernet, supportive of TCP/IP and connected to printing controller, with the entire printing process being controlled by monitor
    • Continuous or single-sheet output, capable of rear-end autonomous continuous processing.


Unique points of autonomous envelope sealing

  • Employment of four different kinds of continuous and single envelope sealing machines, with total capacity of 15,000 pieces/hour
  • Employment of OMR (optical mark recognition) reader and smart control panel, capable of envelope sealing for bills continuously or one piece at a time.
  • Employment of high-speed letter-sheet roller*2, capable of the separation, folding, and pressing of report forms, with total of capacity of 20,000-25,000 sheets/hour
  • Smart complete inspection system can prevent sending of abnormal mails
  • Strapping by sections and capable of printing delivery dates on mails


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