Years following ERP implementation, accumulated data volume may slow down system speed and dampen its performance, boosting potential risk and management cost, which entails the need for archiving of historical data, in order uphold SAP efficiency.


Product/Services Unique Points

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business01Product/Services Benefit

  • Augment SAP efficiency significantly (by over 20%)
  • Reduce downtime for system upgrades or replies
  • Shorten time for online real-time data input and retrieval.
  • Solve the problem of insufficient memory capacity caused by massive transaction data.
  • Lower risk of uncertainty for enterprise, boosting corporate competitiveness.


Successful Story

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Renowned global computer monitor and TV set manufacturer

Historical data archiving service can shrink size of database by 25%, boosting SAP efficiency by 20%, which lowers the need for hardware investment and reduces hardware capacity usage and management cost for system risk by five times. As a result, cycle for recovery of investments can be cut to less than 12 months.


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