A subsidiary of TECO Group, Information Technology Total Services (ITTS) is dedicated to the provision of smart-application services, IT outsourcing (ITO) services, and business process outsourcing (BPO) services, including such core service items as smart manufacturing, smart transportation, and smart catering, as well as SAP-derivative services, such as ERP, CRM, BI, and AI, plus IT infrastructure and business application services and such BPO services as call center service, billing statement, and mailing.


On IT basis, ITTS has focused on the development of various programs applicable in outsourcing services, helping enterprises service internal users, such as ERP and corporate e-service, on one hand, and expand their customer groups, such as customer relationship management, mail-related integration, and digital image output, on the other hand.


In line with the development of cloud technologies, ITTS has also provided customers the service of mobile and cloud value-added applications. In the aspect of smart-application services, the company mainly takes advantage of cloud infrastructure and IoT technology to provide such services as smart factory, smart logistics, and smart catering. In addition, also offers business intelligence and analytic service.


Backed by its professional experience and concept, ITTS forges tailor made services for enterprise, helping them upgrade their competitive edge. Furnished with technology and experience accumulated by over 20 years, ITTS has become most reliable and trustworthy long-term partner of major enterprises for outsourcing services, with customers spanning a wide range of fields, including finance, insurance, manufacturing, telecommunications, logistics, biotech, pharmaceutical, hi-tech, and government agencies in Taiwan and Greater China, where the company has set up service offices in Eastern China (Wuxi) and Southern China (Xiamen). In line with its globalization strategy, the company will expand its overseas service stations, offering corporate clients even more comprehensive cross-border services.